York US FWB 32115 olympisk stang 50mm 150 cm

Gym stang 150 cm

995,00 NOK

  • Artnr: 104688
  • Enhet: stk

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

30 mm grep , 150 lang,  12 kg, 17 cm lastekapasiter.  antar 200 kg maks vekt.

Egner seg godt i små rom , og noe lettere vekter som press nak nakke, rettstang curl, , shrugs bak kroppen osv

NB: Ingen midt rilling vil stanga gli lettere under knebøy

YORK BARBELL® applied its vast knowledge in bar design and produced perhaps the highest quality, most functional and attractive Economy Olympic Bar of today. The YORK BARBELL® signature design replaces the outmoded bolt and sleeve assembly. Each weight bar has been manufactured from North American made steel, with a minimum of 100,000 tensile.

It is less flexible, more rigid, and excellent for use when performing static, highly controlled, slow movements such as the:

  • Squat
  • Chest Press
  • Deadlift

It is also an excellent weight bar for Olympic lift training. The sleeve is secured on the bar using a bar end nut and spring pin. Sleeves are machined to a precise 1.975” diameter to accommodate 2” Olympic Plates.

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