York US FWB 32113 olympisk stang 30mm 220 cm 450 k

Gymstang 220cm 20kg 30mm

3 699,00 NOK

  • Artnr: 104692
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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Maks belatning to hånd i sakte bevegelse 675 kg, realistisk  350 kg knebøy, 400kg makrløft, 500 kg benkpress

YORK® applied its vast knowledge in bar design and produced perhaps the highest quality, most functional and attractive Economy Olympic Bar of today. The YORK® signature design replaces the outmoded bolt and sleeve assembly. Each bar has been manufactured from North American made steel, with a minimum of 170,000 tensile.

It is less flexible, more rigid, and excellent for use when performing static, highly controlled, slow movements such as the squat, chest press, and deadlift. It is also an excellent weight bar for Olympic lift training. The sleeve is secured on the bar using a bar end nut and spring pin. Sleeves are machined to a precise 1.975” diameter to accommodate 2” Olympic Plates.

Frakt mv fra York.

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