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The Velcro Belt offers a balance of comfort and support at an affordable price point.

Crafted for ease of use, this belt features a smooth buckle mechanism and secure Velcro fastening, making it easy to adjust to your body. When used with correct technique, a lifting belt helps to improve intra-abdominal pressure, meaning more support for your core and spine.  


As a go-to accessory for functional training. the Velcro Belt is perfect for improving your performance under the bar. The simple, unobtrusive design offers both support for challenging lifts and flexibility for functional training movements, such as the clean and jerk, and snatch. 

The Velcro Belt is a popular choice in weightlifting due to its light weight and less bulky design.

Want more support? Try our Hercules Knee Sleeves .

Colour: Black
Material: Durable fabric with Velcro fastening
Width: Consistent 10cm all around
Buckle: Smooth Mechanism


Size  Inches
Small 27-31
Medium 31-35
Large 35-39
X-Large 39-43


Why choose the Velcro Belt?
The Velcro Belt is a perfect entry-level choice. It's economical, lightweight, and adjustable, making it easy to find your optimal fit and a good gateway into the world of lifting belts.

Can I use the Velcro Belt in powerlifting competitions?
Velcro belts are typically not approved for use in powerlifting competitions. However, they are common in weightlifting and Crossfit competitions. For IPF Approved powerlifting belts, check out our Lever Buckle Belts

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