SPUD Swing Set Strap

Rimilg alternativ til Yolk, meget godt stabliseings vektøy

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

God redskap om du vil ha tillegstrening til Yolk eller en rimeligere og mer plassbesprende variant



Dette skriver SPUD:

The Spud Inc. Swing Set Straps turn any regular or specialty bar into a yoke that won’t take up space in your home gym. Designed to be even more challenging than a traditional yoke, the swinging weights will test your stabilizer muscles like never before. And with a maximum capacity of 800 lbs, you won’t ever need a traditional yoke to get your strongman training in.


Easily carried in a gym bag, the Swing Set Straps can also be used for a variety of exercises and variations – acting as weight releasers on the squat, adding an extra challenge to the overhead press or serving as chain holders for your bench press. No matter how you like to train, you’ll find something new with the Swing Set Straps.


WARNING: The first use of the Swing Set Straps may induce a walk similar to a late Saturday stumble, so watch yourself.


Comes with two 72”x2” straps.



- Made in America

- 72”x2” Straps

- Only 5 lbs

- Maximum Weight Capacity: 800lbs (360kg)

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